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While you were underground in your “secure” Bunker,

President Trump,

perhaps eating a Double Whopper with cheese,

and swizzling a Diet Coke,

brought in from Burger King.

Probably receiving updates,

about the peaceful protests gathering momentum.


Above ground,

things were not so “secure”.

Motivated by the Police killing of George Floyd,

a black man, unarmed, sitting in his car,

people were finding the courage to protest for change,

not only for change in Police structure,

who use might instead of right,

Demanding an end to racism,

an end to rule by money and military.

Compassionate listening needs to replace

billy clubs and bullets.


Global Solidarity is happening.

We're joining voices with action,

around the world.

Even with masks across our faces,

in a time of pandemic disease,

in an era of pandemic greed,

and violence,

we bring into the Light,

a blaze of Transformation.


Even as we observe physical (“social”) distancing,

our hearts and minds unite.


Our awakening is growing like a Tree of Life,

with healthy strong roots.

collective efforts like sprouting leaves,

courageous undertakings,

beginning to reveal fruits of our labor.



© 2021 Tara Sufiana

Ukiah, California

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